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As Dean of the Division of Life Sciences, Dr. Breslauer provides senior administrative leadership for the coordination and integration of faculty, student, and programmatic (research, teaching, and service) development across the Division's formal components, as originally established by the University's Board of Governors; which include the Departments of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, Cell Biology and Neuroscience, Genetics, Kinesiology and Health, the Behavioral Neuropsychology section of the Psychology Department, and the Chemical Biology/Biological Chemistry section of the Chemistry Department, as well as the Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience, the Biomaterials Center, the Proteomics Center, the Stem Cell Center, the Office of Undergraduate Instruction, the Office for Diversity and Academic Success in the Sciences, the Molecular Biosciences Graduate Office, and a growing range of university-wide core facilities, including electron and confocal microscopy, high field NMR, etc. The Dean of the Division also is responsible for coordinating life sciences initiatives across all departments and units at Rutgers so as to optimize program development throughout the university. As such, the Dean designs, nucleates, and manages a range of life and health sciences collaborations and faculty hires within SAS and beyond SAS, with the Waksman Institute, the Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine, the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, the Environmental Occupational Health Sciences Institute, the Institute for Marine and Coastal Sciences, the Institute for Food, Health, and Nutrition, the SAS departments of Computer Sciences, Statistics, Physics, Math, the School of Environment and Biological Sciences, the School of Pharmacy, the School of Engineering (biomedical engineering), the Institute for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology, the Computer Based Imaging in Medicine; the Rutgers Business School (via a Masters in Business Sciences), as well as other regional institutions such as Princeton, Montclair State, Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, and Saint Peter's Hospital.

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