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You can search your mailbox using the powerful search facility built into Outlook Web App.

To access the search functionality, click in the area directly above the New / Delete/ Move toolbar in your message listing and enter any search term you wish to find in your inbox, then press the magnifying glass icon to begin your search:


If you have never chosen to use Outlook Web App Light, you may be using Light mode because you are using an unsupported browser for Premium Mode. Unsupported browsers include IE6, Safari on Windows and Opera. Premium Mode is supported on IE 7 or higher, recent versions of Firefox and Mac OS X Safari 4 or higher.

If you have chosen to use Light mode and wish to switch back to Premium, click Options in your mailbox.

In the options pages, choose Accessibility. Unclick “Use the blind and low vision experience”, press Save then, click Mail then logout and login again.


You may wish to include a portion of text such as your name, organization and contact details in each message you send. To do this, you can setup an email signature.

To setup an email signature, click Options in your mailbox.

Click Messaging. In the section titled E-Mail Signature, you can compose the text to use as a signature, and choose to automatically include it on messages your send. When you are happy with the text, ensure you click Save to keep your changes.


You can setup an “Out of Office” automatic reply on your email account to let senders know you may not read their email for a certain amount of time.

To setup an Automatic Reply, first click the Options button in your mailbox:

Next, click Automatic Replies.

You can choose to switch automatic replies on or off, choose the time period to send them in and set the text of the message to send. When you are finished editing your Automatic Reply click Save to ensure it is set.

To select a small number of messages, simply select the check box on the left hand side of each message:


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