Video Conferencing

The SAS IT office supports and maintains a professional level Polycom video conferencing systems for use by DLS faculty and staff. These systems provide H.323 protocol video calls and support rates above 1Mb. The first unit is permanently installed in the LSB Auditorium and integrated with the podium AV system. The second unit is on a semi-portable cart which can be moved to locations in the Life Sciences Building (Please note this unit is heavy and can be difficult to move into some areas.) We also support Polycom's PVX software which can be installed on a compatible computer to provide similiar connectivity to Polycom systems. Click here for more information. Due to network security, we currently support only Dialing out of the DLS.

In addition to these solutions we have also installed a high resolution Logitech webcam in the LSB Auditorium for use with the podium PC and software conferencing solutions such as Skype or Lync. This camera has an independent remote control and can pivot and zoom for use facing the auditorium stage or the audience seating.  

Polycom System Details:

  • LSB Auditorium:     Polycom Viewstation VS4000:     Dialin IP:
  • LSB Portable Cart:      Polycom Viewstation FX:    Dialin IP:  (N/A)

Skype System Details:

  • LSB Auditorium:     Logitech Webcam BCC950:


The DLS and Rutgers University are also a member of NJEdge, a non-profit technology consortium of academic and research institutions in New Jersey. As a member of NJEDge, the DLS can use NJEDge services which include:

  • RUNet's intracampus backbone which traverses the NJEDge dark fiber network that spans New Jersey from Newark to Camden and ends in Philadelphia. In addition, RUNet routes connectivity to Internet2 via the NJEDge backbone to the MAGPI Gigapop in Philadelphia.
  • Video Conferencing MCU which has a web-based scheduler that allows one to schedule up to a 10 way meeting (larger multi way meetings can be arranged) and which can include use of an ISDN or phone bridge.

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