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Feb 18, 2011 
Security certificate expiration for email
We experienced an issue with the DLS email server, which started about 7pm 2/17/2011 regarding the expiration of one of the email servers security certificates. Users going to the webmail site found that the browser said that the site is not trusted and mobile devices may display an error syncing email. This issue was resolved by 10:45am Friday morning when the new 3 year email sever certificate was obtained and installed.
Jan 27, 2011 
Weather Update
The DLS Helpdesk is working on a reduced schedule due to the weather, please email your issues instead of calling for a faster reponse. Thank You, DLS Helpdesk!
Jan 26, 2011 
AC failure in the DLS Datacenter
The air conditioning in the DLS datacenter failed overnight and temperature in the room rose well above normal for several hours. Core services were not affected however some non-essential servers were turned off in the morning to lessen the cooling burden. The AC unit was repaired and all services restored by 2:00pm.
Jan 21, 2011 
The DLS has a new website!
The DLS is putting the finishing touches on a new website which should provide an updated and easier viewing experience to all users. Working with SAS we have also implemented a common website theme to our divisional website. Please take a look at the updated webpage!
Oct 18, 2010 
DLS Password Change Campaign
Starting on the week of October 18th, the DLS IT department will be starting a password change campaign in which all DLS users will be required to change their password.
Jul 01, 2010 
New Hewlett Packard PC Purchase Cycle Refresh

HP just released their new Elite 8100 desktops into the Rutgers PC Purchase Cycle.

- There are three configurations available which do give the option to upgrade the hardware if needed.
- Basic Configuration- Elite 8100 Small Form Factor with 2GB of RAM, 250GB 7200RPM Hard Drive and 3 Year warranty, $545.00
- Lab\Standard Configuration- Elite 8100 Small Form Factor with 4GB Of RAM, 320GB 7200RPM Hard Drive and 3 Year Warranty, $651
- High End Configuration- Elite 8100 Mini Tower with 4GB of RAM, 500GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive and 3 Year Warranty, $951.00

Dec 09, 2009 
Parallels for Mac Version 5 available for Pre-order from Rutgers
The new version of Parallels for Mac will be officially released by Rutgers on December 9th, but you can pre-order your copy by going to software.rutgers.edu. This software will work on Mac systems running with the Intel chip and will provide users the ability to load Windows operating system on their Mac machine along with Mac OS.