11th Symposium on Biomaterials Science - Bioactive Materials - From the Nano to the Macro Scale

SAVE THE DATE! - The New Jersey Center for Biomaterials will be holding it's 11th Biannual Symposium on Biomaterials Science October 9th-11th, 2012 at the Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick NJ. - "Bioactive Materials - From the Nano to the Macro Scale" -

CONFIRMED SPEAKERS - Julia Babensee, Georgia Institute of Technology - Tom Barker, Georgia Institute of Technology - Nenad Bursac, Duke University - Marcus Cicerone, National Institute of Standards and Technology - Joel Collier, University of Chicago - Adam Engler, University of California, San Diego - Leigh Griffiths, University of California, Davis - Paul Janmey, University of Pennsylvania - Jeff Karp, MIT - Joachim Kohn, Rutgers - Kam Leong, Duke University - Kacey Marra, University of Pittsburgh - Michael May, Centre for Commercialization and Regenerative Medicine - Richard Mendelsohn, Rutgers - Prabhas Moghe, Rutgers - Glenn Prestwich, University of Utah - Lola Reid, University of North Carolina - Krishnendu Roy, University of Texas-Austin - Jean Schwarzbauer, Princeton University - Michael Sefton, University of Toronto - Khalid Shah, Massachusetts General Hospital - Cherie Stabler, University of Miami - Doris Taylor, University of Minnesota - Susan Thibeault, University of Wisconsin - Lynn Allen-Hoffmann, University of Wisconsin - Richard Clark, Stony Brook University - Dan Lerner, TYRX Inc. - Satish Pulapura, TYRX Inc.

For more information: www/njbiomaterials.org/web/index.php