• Biology students

Studying abroad can be a transformative experience for undergraduate students. To more closely integrate study abroad into the life sciences academic curricula and help promote student involvement, Dr. Anne Carr-Schmid participated in the “Bring Study Abroad to your Majors and Minors Summer 2021 Funding Opportunity”. In collaboration with Rutgers Global and with the help of our life sciences faculty, courses compatible with RU life science electives were evaluated from a key set of international partners, including University of Auckland, University of Queensland, University of Melbourne, and University of Valencia. For participation in the curriculum mapping initiative, Rutgers Global provided $5000 in funds that Dr. Carr-Schmid has used to establish the DLS Study Abroad Fund. Starting this summer, our life sciences majors who participate in study abroad will have the opportunity to apply for $250-$500 stipends, with particular emphasis on students with financial need. We hope to continue this successful collaboration with Rutgers Global this summer and evaluate courses for a new set of international partners.